Bitcoin Eyes $17,000 as Stocks Go Green on Bidenism

bitcoin art nov 16 2020

Bitcoin has just about touched $16,400 with the crypto seemingly testing again whether it can reach that $17,000. That’s while stocks are up, Footsie gaining 2% with Dow futures suggesting an increase of 1.4%. All of it creating somewhat an atmosphere of optimism as America awaits a new president and thus a new chance of doing things better. Joe Biden, the president elect, has promised plenty in that regard, stating he will give startups support, he will invest in clean energy, in infrastructure, and big corp is gone pay for it. He’s also promised to invest a lot more in research and development, the one sure thing for return on investment yet often puzzlingly somewhat neglected due to its returns generally being long term. He says he’ll back innovation, and what president would say otherwise with it to be seen what he actually does. But for now, one has the…

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