Bitcoin Eyes $15,000 on Biden Likely Win


Bitcoin has jumped above $14,500 as election results keep coming in with Biden now extremely close to winning the presidency. 264 electoral votes have been cast for Biden and 214 for Trump with 270 needed, but the race is not over with four states in a very close count. Pennsylvania has been the most eventful of them with an initial big gap of 400,000 votes in favor of Trump now closing to just 150,000 votes. There’s still some 600,000 votes left to count, with betting markets giving it to Biden at 1:1.3. Some half a billion have bet in the Biden v Trump race in just one betting market, Betfair, and they’re giving Biden 1:1.17 odds. That is for one dollar, you get back just one dollar and 17 cent, while for Trump you get back close to six dollars. Prior to the election the markets were betting on Biden…

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