Bitcoin Crosses $16,000 on Election Surreality

usa election 2020

Bitcoin has risen by $1,000 to briefly touch above $16,000, making a new high since early 2018. The cryptocurrency has been bullish, especially since the election on November 3rd, rising by $3,000 in the past few days. Bitcoin has clearly broken out, making a new high since the top with it not too far off from the all time high of $20,000. That all time high was very brief however, barely lasting a couple of hours, while this time the crypto seems to be rising more sustainably following the halvening in May. It is also rising while stocks are expected to open in red according to futures. Gold has been falling as well, plunging by $100 on November 9th to $1,868, perhaps due to a discovery of vast gold reserves. While oil has been rising. All this makes bitcoin’s behavior quite interesting because it is not correlating with anything, but…

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