Bitcoin Could 14x to $3 Trillion Says Ark Invest Analysis

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Ark Invest, which focuses on investing in disruptive innovation like AI and biotech, thinks bitcoin could more than 10x in the next five years from the current $200 billion market cap to $3 trillion. In a comprehensive analysis they suggest bitcoin can capture numerous markets, starting with settlement networks for value exchange. They say: “In the United States alone, deposits totaling $14.7 trillion generate $1.3 quadrillion in settlement volumes between and among banks each year. If it were to capture 10% of those settlement volumes at a similar deposit velocity, we believe the Bitcoin network would scale more than 7-fold from roughly $200 billion to $1.5 trillion in value.” They don’t quite explain why banks would use bitcoin to settle instead of their own Fed systems, but another potential market is asset protection. “With good public and private key management, we believe bitcoin cannot be seized,” they say. Thus: “In…

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