Bitcoin Buy Orders Cancelled on Coinbase on $10 Billion Volumes, Now Fixed

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Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchange and broker experienced problems with “some buys completing” on Monday as bitcoin fell to $30,000. “We’re investigating an issue impacting transactions on and the mobile apps,” the exchange said, further adding: “The record of a recently initiated transaction may be delayed in showing up in your Coinbase account. There may also be some issues with some buys completing on the platform.” There are numerous suggestions that buy orders were not going through, with an unconfirmed chart showing a price blip to €1,000. Tradingview’s Coinbase chart does not show this €1,000 blip, so this may be more the internal screen of a logged in user that isn’t reflected. It isn’t clear currently what exactly was the problem, but Coinbase says “we’ve released a fix for the issue impacting trading on and our mobile apps.” So this seems to be over now with…

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