Bitcoin Bull Market Trends on Weibo

bitcoin bull weibo

Weibo, China’s biggest social media network with some 500 million active users has been watching bitcoin’s quick rise in the past few days to $11,000. So much so that Bitcoin Bull (比特幣公牛) rose to the fourth most talked about topic in the entire country. Currently the world’s second biggest economy is still talking about what they call the bitcoin bull market with it in top ten. China kind of has banned bitcoin exchanges but just how much that is enforced in practice is not too clear with no law passed in their Parliament as far as we are aware, it all being by arbitrary diktat. Thus representatives from Binance, OKEx and Huobi, the three biggest China-originated exchanges, joined this Bitcoin Bull trend by weiboing to advertise their own exchanges according to local media. Mao Shixing, CEO of the bitcoin and ethereum mining pool F2Pool, also weiboed to ask: “what will…

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