Bitcoin and Ethereum Keep Growing on the Stock Market

microstrategy stock trading feb 5 2021

The options to play bitcoin and ethereum on the stock market are constantly growing with numerous companies now available on the 90s designed terminals. Besides numerous ETFs and trusts, there are now also miners and at least one exchange we’ve found. The biggest one is of course MicroStrategy (MSTR), which bought one billion worth of bitcoin. This is now not far off from 10x-ing since summer, nearing $800, with much of it due to their bitcoin holdings. Then you have the miners. Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) is one of the biggest with $1.6 billion in market cap and a volatile price that has now reached $23.80, far from the all time high of $46 in December 2017. Argo Blockchain (ARB) has a smaller market cap of $350 million and seems to have 10x-ed since this December. While Marathon (MARA) has a $2.17 billion market cap and seems to be significantly…

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