Bitcoin “an Emerging Store of Value” Says City Investor

jonathan ruffer prince charles

A British investment company that has publicly announced one of the biggest ever investment in bitcoin, £500 million, says the new crypto is an emerging store of value. Jonathan Ruffer (pictured right) of Ruffer Investment has finally detailed their thinking on buying half a billion bitcoin, stating: “Our underlying reasoning is that bitcoin is becoming a challenger to gold’s standing as the one supra-currency, the thing to own when fiat currencies are kerplunked. We have done much work on assessing the danger that bitcoin is a wrong’un. We have been watching it for a longish time, and our judgement is that it is a unique beast as an emerging store of value, blending some of the benefits of technology and gold. Yes, it is a seemingly non-sensical asset – but one that makes absolute sense for how we see the world. The question that followed was: when to make the…

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