Bitcoin Almost Takes $24,000

bitcoin nears 24k

Bitcoin has risen by some 20% to $23,800 before mini-correcting to a current trading price of $22,600 as pictured above. The currency has entered unknown territory now after decimating bears, with whales apparently accumulating. $25,000 will probably be a bit of resistance, but $30,000 is the bigger one now and then $100,000 is the biggest after the fallen $20,000. This rise is sparked by numerous revelations regarding what some are now calling institutional investors on fear of missing out (fomo). “Eric Peters, chief executive officer of One River Asset Management said in an interview One River Digital Asset Management has commitments that will bring its holdings of Bitcoin and Ether to about $1 billion as of early 2021.” This guy is apparently some big deal in boomer’s Wall Street so his friends are taking note as something begins to happen this year. Specifically, stiff upper lip boomer managers now no…

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