Bitcoin Ad Frontpages Hong Kong Newspaper

bitcoin ad newspaper daily apple hong kong august 2020

“Banks, today you’re not ditching me, I’m ditching you.” So says a front page ad on Hong Kong’s biggest paper, the Apple Daily, which had its CEO Jimmy Lai arrested recently. That led to huge support for the paper with its parent company, Next Digital, rising like a bitcoin, up 10x. In addition the daily readership of 70,000 has ballooned to 500,000 with some calling this the last independent paper in Hong Kong. It’s a pro democracy paper at a time when democracy does not seem to be much appreciated in Hong Kong any longer. Following a national security law, numerous pro-democracy Hong Kongers and media figures have been arrested, “raising fears of a broad crackdown by China,” says the BBC. An exodus may now be afoot with Britain and other countries offering citizenship to Hong Kongers that want to move. That has led to a surge in house prices…

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