Bitcoin 0Day Discovers Only $54 Worth of Bitcoin, $14 XRP and 0.00002 ETH Are Vulnerable

Crypto researchers have discovered what they claim is a previously unknown vulnerability in digital signatures which happens to affect only $54 worth of bitcoin out of its circa $70 billion market cap. The problem appears to be some faulty set-up in hardware, multi-sig, or perhaps a custom hand coded design that generates a not very random number (nounce) when signing with the same private key twice or more. In giving a summary, Joachim Breitner, one of the researchers, says: “When you create a cryptographic signatures using ECDSA (the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm), you need to come up with the nonce, a 256 bit random number. It is really important to use a different nonce every time, otherwise it is easy for someone else to take your signatures (which might be stored for everyone to read on the Bitcoin blockchain) and calculate your private key using relatively simple math, and…

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