Barclays Profits Plunge 80% on “Uncertainty,” Pound Down, Bitcoin Up, Boris Backs Off “Strike” as Brexit Britain Stands on the Verge of No Deal Exit

boris corbyn

Barclays profits plunged 80% in the third quarter, with its chief executive, Jes Staley blaming Brexit and the interest rates environment. “There clearly is an economic impact of the uncertainty we have around Brexit,” Staley said , with this just the latest weeks after Coinbase moved to Ireland and Fidor Bank pulled out of London. With just four working days to go until UK and EU law says Britain is out, a stand-off between Parliament and the European Union has Britain closest to a no deal exit it has ever been. An expected decision on whether to grant a delay today has itself been delayed. France wants to know first what parliament decides on Monday to determine what length of extension to grant. Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, is to table an election vote on Monday where an incredible 434 votes, out of 650, are required for it to pass.…

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