Bank of England Bitcoinaced

bank of england bitcoin fixes this may 2021 scaled

The Bank of England has been lit by the bitcoin sign this May the 1st, the people’s day or in ancient time the day of fire when they would celebrate the coming summer and the strength of the sun by burning stuff, preferably rubbish. At an empty street at the heart of London, once ruler of earth and today keepers of the gold, the Bank of England was illuminated with a sign that says bitcoin fixes this as pictured above. Likewise parliament undergoing much needed construction, both in form and in substance with this the first time in centuries that it sits almost empty, was cheered up somewhat. How bitcoin is meant to fix the parliament is not too clear. This monkey institution willingly kneeled itself despite the objections of Lady Hale. Its orda orda global entertainment now a meek voice subdued without resistance by the diktats in chief. But…

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