Automated Yield Farming yETH Goes Live

yeth investment strategy code sep 2020

You can now just send your eth to a contract, and the contract will open a CDP on Maker, send that Dai to a Curve vault, get CRV as well as lend dai, manage the CDP ratio, and then put all the profits back to eth and give it to you. Your lazy beautiful self just needs to click, and then pray to bugs bunny for no baddy haxors, and then just sit and watch numbers go up, or down maybe. Welcome to decentralized finance (defi) where now we have strategies with this one coded by Andre Cronje and orbxball (?). Cronje says he tests in production, as in live, as in there defo will be a comma oversight to burn all things, but in this case we’re told “I’ve had as many eyes on it as I possibly could.” That’s Yearn’s Banteg speaking, who also seems to be anon…

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