AP Publishes Election Results on Ethereum’s Blockchain

ap us election 2020 ethereum blockchain vote calls nov 4 2020

The Associated Press, which has been counting votes for more than a century and is counting some 7,000 contests in USA, has been publishing their calls for the November 3rd election on the ethereum blockchain. You can see a screenshot above. There’s quite a bit of gibberish, but this one happens to be for Biden. As you might know, computers “talk” in 0s and 1s. There are then methods to decode them, with the most used ethereum blockchain explorer, etherscan, showing the somewhat decoded results above. These results obviously are on AP’s site as well, but after the results are published the site could be hacked to change the data. In addition, in a few years time no one might care about this section of AP’s website except for researchers and historians. So AP itself might, with the passage of time, perhaps fully forget about it or change the links…

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