Another MT Gox Meeting Ends with No Outcome

nobuaki kobayashi mtgox

Nearing 7 years on since the then only bitcoin exchange MT Gox declared bankruptcy, the ritual of creditor meetings with no outcomes continues in Tokyo, Japan. MT Gox creditors have lost another $1.3 million in trustee expenses since March 25th 2020, translating to these delays costing $200,000 a month. Nor does a conclusion appear to be much near. Apparently some 130,000 BTC and 50 billion JPY, ($500 million) is not yet determined and the Coinlab case still continues. Some 860,000 BTC and 8.8 billion JPY has however been determined, with the trustee having a deadline of 15th of October to file a rehabilitation plan, but he may ask for yet another delay. Once they do reach a conclusion some 140,000 BTC worth $1.5 billion and 140,000 BCH worth $34 million is to be distributed to creditors. How, is not clear but presumably it would be through Kraken with creditors previously…

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