Andre Cronje to NFT Music

rarible nft market place sep 2020

The code machine is at it again with a new project that he says should be out within a week. “When music/audio NFTs,” asked an etherean musician that goes by the stage name of RAC. “Let’s do it, need me to create a factory? Could do something based on the audio signature,” Cronje said. Get me a telegram group, he then ordered. Yearn launched insurance recently where you can buy cover on say 100 eth for the insurance price of 0.2 eth. That insurance is a Non-Fungable Token, or a unique token as we call them, that being it has a different ID that corresponds to specific data. These insurance tokens can be bought and sold, but as each of them is unique and not interchangeable, you can’t quite do so on Uniswap. As it happens, a platform for buying and selling NFTs is already out there, called Rarible, founded…

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