Altcoin Season: Tezos, Ontology, Ravencoin and Even Huobi Token, All Spike

huobi token price march 2019 768x357

A coin has suddenly risen to top 20, doubling in the past month from circa 70 cent to $1.40. Still significantly lower than its all time high of $10 last year, but back then it had far lower supply too. Ontology still has only 50% of its supply in circulation, but an airdrop on Binance recently added more ONT. It appears that airdrop was itself solely responsible for this price rise. The circa 200 million ONTs that were dropped presumably being responsible for this sudden entrance into top 20. This is a very surface overview, so we haven’t looked much, but they claim to be working on sharding. That’s transactions sharding, network sharding and state sharding. This is a public blockchain with its own very new network that appears to have begun trading in April 2018. Another consistent riser is Ravencoin. This too launched in April last year, with its…

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