Alleged Fiat Gateway of MT Gox Hackers Tops SAR Reports in Leaked FinCEN Files

btce vinnik arrest

The entity that has received the most Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) in some 2,000 leaked FinCEN documents happens to be an online payment processing company that allegedly served clients involved in the MT Gox hacked bitcoin money laundering scandal. Mayzus Financial Services (MFS) had a corporate account at BTC-e, according to a report from last year, as did some of its employees, with this fiat gateway suspected of being the chief way hacked bitcoins were turned into dollars. The company itself denied any wrongdoing in 2017 following the arrest of Alexander Vinnek, the alleged owner of BTC-e, with MFS stating at the time: “MAYZUS Financial Services Ltd. might have had among its clients, through the services of MoneyPolo and OKPAY, legal entities who could be operators of the BTC-E exchange, or private persons who could be owners or employees of the BTC-E exchange, however, all accounts of legal entities or…

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