Activist Retail Stock Investors, is a Revolution Taking Hold?

gme bitcoining jan 25 2021 1

A seechange appears to be undergoing in America as well as in Europe where stock investing by so called ‘retail’ is taking up steam. Tesla and GME being just the most overt examples of an ongoing transformation in finance. After battling with short-sellers, Elon Musk has become the richest man on earth. Who done it? A certain ‘retail’ investor who thought his vision deserves the money regardless of what ‘analysts’ say on the old media after short selling. Tesla’s 1100 P/E was perhaps just a sign of things to come with GameStop (GME) telling a story as old as time: an elite taken off guard by a crowd now informed and with new tools following some technological invention. That innovation in this case being the digital revolution finally making its way to stocks. Robinhood, Revolut, being just two examples of agile digitally native new entrants that are disrupting the market.…

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