A Million Traded in a Testnet Reddit Ethereum Token

worthless moon tokens price sep 2020

There are few things you can be sure of in crypto, but that a testnet token is worthless is one of them. Until now. Moon, worthless reddit karma has been turned into an ethereum token but on a testing network which has the primary purpose of being worthless because then if things break during testing, no one cares. Anyone can mine the Rinkeby testnet, and thus it can very easily be attacked or double spent, but people don’t seem to care. They’ve decided this entire worthless ecosystem is actually worth 8 cent and that’s after it reached 35 cent on Friday. Some $250,000 of it was traded in the past 24 hours, while Sunday saw nearly half a million of worthless squared exchanged, making it about a million dollars traded so far. Moons, a testnet token granted by reddit to r/cryptocurrency users based on contribution with 50 million of them…

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