$6 Trillion of Retail Money Expected to Flood Bitcoin and Stocks

bonds stocks inflows 2010s decade

Retail investors have been piling on bonds for the past decade according to Tom Lee of Fundstrat. He claimed earlier this month that 94% of retail funds have gone into bonds. Of the estimated $3.1 trillion in retail fund inflows since 2008, just $183 billion, or 6%, went into the stock market, he said. The above is estimated following some data crunching by the research company, with Lee stating in a recent interview that they now believe it is more $6 trillion of funds that will flow out of bonds into stocks this decade. This year especially bonds have seen huge inflows, breaking records during summer with $22.5 billion going into US bond funds in just one week. We can see a huge jump into bonds for much of 2020 and overall they have substantially increased since January 2016. “Investors liquidated stocks at an accelerating pace since 2017,” Lee said,…

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