$3 Billion ETH Now Staked as bETH Starts Trading

kraken ethereum2.0 staking dec 2020

Ethereum 2.0 deposits have surpassed $3 billion eth for the first time ever, accounting for about 2% of ethereum’s total supply. Nearly 2.5 million eth has now been deposited to ethereum 2.0, the new Proof of Stake blockchain that plans to fully replace miners with ethereum validating holders. Some 60,000 validators are now securing the ethereum 2.0 network with more than 15,000 awaiting to join. Making this the biggest Proof of Stake network which has been running for two months without any problems. Kraken is rising as one of the main platform for staking with the exchange taking care of all aspects for 15% of the staking profits. You can further exchange the staked eth, dubbed bETH or ETH2.S on Kraken, for actual eth. On OKex for example bETH sells for 0.93 eth. On Kraken it’s more like ◊0.97. Kraken says you can’t transfer this ETH2.S through the ethereum network,…

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