2021, The Decade to Come

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Genetics, bot systems, decentralized finance, industrial robotics, the space economy and solar energy are the big themes that we can see will most likely transform the globe this decade. The rapid developments going on in crispr, that led this year to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna being awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, indicates there might be some breakthrough in medicine this decade. The field has suffered from a guild like mentality that has robbed it from the speed of discoveries seen in physics. A backlash against that in biohacking might put some pressure, with ideologists trying to make more accessible some of these tools and knowledge. That clash of sorts, which fundamentally is about power and who controls it the most, may at last bring the rate of innovation we have seen in other fields to medicine. Bio therefore is starting to become hot because there are many promising…

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