2020, The Year That Was

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Following worldwide protests, from environmentalists in London to Free Hong Kong, 2020 opened with optimism. The millennials had risen, demanding accountability and a say in how we are governed. Now all were waiting for Ursula Von Der Leyen, who had promised a European Summit in the style of a Citizen’s Assembly. After a terrible year for bitcoin and the wider crypto space, with an ethereum co-founder selling 90,000 eth and Vitalik Buterin revealing the Ethereum Foundation had sold at the top, some began to wonder whether there was anyone left to sell any longer. And then Trump reminded us all why we bitcoin by revealing 52 stealth fighter jets on January the 7th. America was on the brink of war with Iran. To bitcoin, these drums were singing to the bull that was to come as the global situation began taking a dangerous turn with that concert playing once more.…

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