200,000 Bitcoin Mysteriously Move, Was it Tether?

tether liquid bitcoin july 2019

Beginning at or around 2:53PM London time on Monday 29th of July, a huge sum of bitcoin began moving totaling about ₿200,000, worth some $2 billion. Who moved them or why is not clear, but the four blocks of about ₿50,000 look a bit strange. We haven’t had time to analyze them in depth, but quite a few things stand out, beginning with an identical date, and for three of them an identical time, of establishment: 2015-08-09 16:56:36. On that day, or the day after on 10th August 2015, about ₿25,000 was sent to each of these addresses, worth at the time about $7.5 million each if we take the then most common price of about $300 per bitcoin. So not a huge amount of money for the time, about $30 million in total for a combined ₿100,000 bitcoin. Then nothing happens until the 3rd of November 2015 when 1.5…

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