100,000 Bitcoin Options Contracts Set to Expire

deribit bitcoin options volumes jan 2021 1

“29JAN, the monster expiry, will be the biggest expiry Deribit has seen to date!” So said the bitcoin and ethereum derivatives trading platform, further adding: “A whopping ~100,000 bitcoin contracts will expire, with a notional value of $3.1 billion.” The trading platform has seen surging volumes this month as traders utilize options more and more. Apparently most were quite bullish, with call interest pretty high at $52,000, that means these traders were betting for the right to trade BTC at $52,000. As it happens, the crypto is currently trading at $32,000, meaning they’re at quite a bit of a loss, but fairing a bit better than the ones that bet for $72,000. The above looks a bit like Chinese to most people unfamiliar with options, but you can buy the contract if you think it will reach a certain strike price level, or you can sell it if you think…

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