$1 Billion Bitcoin Has Gone Long, Close to $250 Million ETH

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As bitcoin races to $10,500 while eth almost touched $280, bulls have raked up their longs to a combined one billion dollars on Bitmex and Bitfinex as well as Binance. According to an estimate Bitmex has $470 million long while $260 million are short. On Bitfinex there’s $490 million long and $120 million short. Binance is a very distant third as can be seen with just $31 million long and $20 million short. Binance is the most bearish currently, while finex is very bullish with a 70%-30% split in total. The above figures for Bitmex are estimated but Bitfinex reveals them openly as shown. Longs there have reached all time high, much of it just in the past few days. Presumably because eth bullishness made bitcoiners margin. For eth, there are $140 million long on Bitfinex and only circa $22 million short. Some $80 million long on Bitmex, with just…

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