Tezos Team Prepares to Bring Their Technology to the Masses

It has been a while since we last heard from the Tezos ICO. After many problems plagued this particular project, it seems things may finally turn around for the company. With a new team in place and a lot of the issues having been sorted out, investors may finally get access to their tokens after all. The Next Stage of the Tezos ICO It has not been the best year for the Tezos project. Despite hosting a widely successful ICO – and raising $232 million in the process – the project has been plagued by problems including legal disputes, internal disagreements, and so forth. In fact, the Tezos project and its creators have faced many civil lawsuits. Fast forward to today, and it appears most of the problems can finally be put behind us. Despite the previous shenanigans, the non-profit foundation has a brand-new team in place. While there are…

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