Rise of the teen traders: How 15-year-old Sam made $10,000 from bitcoin


Like many teenagers, school must fit around Sam Cornock’s passions. An avid surfer and foil boarder, the 15-year-old is at Cronulla Beach at dawn searching for the perfect wave and has a part-time job teaching surf skills. He is also a keen investor in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.“Normally, when I wake up I like to look at the market to see what’s going on,” he said. “Depending on the surf, I’ll probably go to the beach maybe at six.”Sam invests in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin via an account set up in his father’s name. He has amassed $10,000 from a total investment of $1500. “I’ve definitely lost money on a few riskier coins,” he said. “Overall I’m in profit.”Sam also checks prices on the school bus, and discusses tips and advice with his high school classmates, who also trade in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “A few have bought in with…

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