Poker players are enhancing winnings by cashing out in bitcoin


As bitcoin continues to surge, successful online gamblers are turning into even bigger winners by requesting the cryptocurrency while cashing out from some poker websites.Winning Poker Network, which operates sites including, has had to buy millions of dollars worth of bitcoin a day from so-called over-the-counter trading desks in recent weeks to meet demand of exiting players, according to Chief Executive Phil Nagy."Right now 90-95 per cent of our payouts are people asking for bitcoin because it's going up," Nagy said from Costa Rica. "We are constantly having to go out and buy bitcoin -- lots. Lots. More than we've even had to before." The lion's share of the site's customers are Americans, even though online poker is illegal in most states.Bitcoin is in so much demand, brokers are charging up to a 1.5 per cent premium, he said. The business does more than 60 per cent of its…

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