Tronipay Launches Prepaid UnionPay and Mastercard Cards for Cryptocurrency

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With the constant struggle of using cryptocurrency as a viable exchange of value when compared to banks and credit cards, there has not been any real solutions for combining these three services. Tronipay has created a revolutionary platform where users will be able to transact in cryptocurrency using UnionPay or MasterCard prepaid cards. Like other prepaid cards, these cards can be used at a variety of businesses around the world.

After negotiating with a company in North America, Tronipay will successfully launch a card that can be delivered worldwide, breaking down the barriers set by the European Union that prevented European companies from issuing cards outside of the EU. With these potentials, the Tronipay card will be the widest reaching solution for users of cryptocurrencies to more easily transact with businesses. This is especially great news for the unbanked world, as now there is a way they can recharge their cards with several cryptocurrencies among other forms of payment.

UnionPay boasts the largest card network in the world, with more than 6 billion cards issued. With this release, Tronipay estimates the distribution of more than 2 million cards worldwide over the next 3 months.

To purchase a Tronipay card, users have the below 2 options:

UnionPay or MasterCard Anonymous Card

  • User’s name will not be printed, and this does not require KYC
  • Daily limit: $9900 USD
  • Cost: $40 USD with delivery included

UnionPay PLUS Card or Mastercard

  • User’s name is printed on the card, and this requires KYC
  • Daily limit: $50,000 USD
  • Cost: $60 USD with delivery included

You can order your Tronipay Card by registering at