PandaDoc Integrates Blockchain Technology

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PandaDoc, a leading sales proposal, contract and eSignature solution, has announced an Ethereum blockchain integration for verifying and authenticating signed documents in an effort to provide PandaDoc customers with permanent record-keeping. This new feature will leverage the immutability of blockchain technology to create tamper-proof records of documents to increase the transparency of its records and documents.

PandaDoc does this by creating cryptographic hashes (unique fingerprints) that is automatically recorded onto the Ethereum blockchain for each signed document. This irrevocable proof can be shared with others to provide digital confirmation for the authenticity of signed documents through the Ethereum blockchain explorer.

“We are seeing an increasing interest in solutions that can address digital trust issues. The number of digital documents our customers send every day is increasing and often they face the challenge of proving their authenticity,” says Mikita Mikado, PandaDoc CEO. “Our goal was to implement a protection algorithm helping to verify that the documents were not altered.”

The integration of blockchain in PandaDoc’s platform provides an affordable but powerful way to verify documents without the need to access its contents, giving transparency without revealing private and sensitive data.

The company will continue to explore opportunities for future developments, such as the integration of multiple public blockchains for customers to choose from like Bitcoin, EOS, Cardano or Exonum. To find out more about the PandaDoc Blockchain Integration, contact them here.

About PandaDoc

PandaDoc is the leading sales proposal solution that enables sales teams to create, send, track, and eSign beautiful proposals and quotes. It supports more than 10,000 sales teams by providing performance tracking and analytics tools to sales leaders. PandaDoc is able to quickly move deals through the pipeline with the use of pre-built templates, marketing content, and CRM data to streamline proposal and contract generation.

PandaDoc was founded in 2013 and is based in San Francisco, California. Learn more at

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