Ghost Talk is Building a Revolutionary Social Media Platform through Blockchain

social media blockchain


With the current social media climate where users are losing trust in centralized platforms such as Facebook, the market may be ready for disruptive social media applications that focus on protecting user data and adequately rewarding them for their contributions.

Market research has indicated that the growth of the mobile advertising industry will reach 212B USD by 2021, led by the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, and Ghost Talk is looking to take advantage of this growth. With distributed social media startups and for-mobile social media applications gaining momentum, Ghost Talk is looking to capture the APAC market through their decentralized social media application.

Ghost Talk is using a decentralized payments platform that can reward its users through the use of blockchain technology, their own Smart Coin token, Smart Wallet and smart contracts. Unlike traditional social media platforms, Ghost Talk uses blockchain technology to reward activities like content creation, sharing and other participation within the application. These rewards, in the form of their Smart Coins tokens, are distributed to individuals as well as enterprises and businesses, which can then be saved into their Smart Wallets. The platform also incentivizes users to generate and interact with content since all activities in the messaging application generates Smart Coin rewards. The Smart Coin tokens can also be used towards promotions for small businesses and enterprises.

Currently Ghost Talk offers the following services:

  1. A peer-to-peer messaging application with automatic deletion of messages which strengthens user privacy
  2. A content creation platform in content-specific channels that reward participants for creating new content channels including paid content, recommendations, corporate promotions, and community activity
  3. An enterprise promotion platform that enables corporations to promote their products and conduct marketing campaigns and offer a corporate reward system.

When users engage with the website, points are automatically given to them, which can later be exchanged for Smart Coins on the application. They can then be traded on any exchange where XSCC is listed. Smart Coin is an ERC-20 token, so all validations and transactions will be recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. Some of the key benefits of using an ERC-20 token include quicker transaction speeds, an established validation and consensus protocol, and being a part of the larger Ethereum ecosystem.

Ghost Talk is hoping to fill a gap in the market for a mobile-first social media platform that can challenge current norms set by centralized social media platforms. By giving users more power in creating content and branding, Ghost Talk is improving the most important part of any successful social media platform.

For additional information on Ghost Talk, Smart Coin and their Roadmap, please visit the Ghost Talk website or join their Telegram group.