eToro Launches Crypto Trading Platform & Wallet in the US


eToro, a global multi-asset trading platform that serves more than 10 million users, is launching its platform and cryptocurrency wallet in the United States. As a social investing platform, US customers with varying experiences in trading digital assets will be able to use eToro to collaboratively refine their approaches to trading cryptocurrencies. Through eToro, customers can share their trade histories, portfolios and track records with the community, allowing internal interactions that foster engagement and help users find the best trading strategies for them. By providing real trading cases, educational resources and a knowledgeable community, eToro also gives beginners a useful learning environment to gain insight into this new asset class and the risks involved in investing in it.

Yoni Assia, Co-founder & CEO of eToro, said: “For the first time, Americans can collaborate with other crypto traders when making buying and selling decisions. Users can adjust their trading strategies by watching and learning from others on the platform. When I founded eToro, I envisioned a community where people could trade, invest and share their knowledge in a simple and transparent way. eToro also acts as a bridge between the old world of investing and a blockchain-powered future, helping our users navigate and benefit from the transition to cryptoassets for wealth building. People create the eToro experience and now Americans will play a major role in shaping our community and future.”

Santo Politi, General Partner at Spark Capital said, “Since Spark Capital’s initial investment in 2012, we believed that eToro would lead the charge in disrupting the financial services market. We have watched the growth and success of eToro for the past seven years and, through Yoni’s leadership, the organization continues to innovate and thrive amongst the competition. eToro’s launch into the U.S. market marks a significant milestone for the company as it builds a leadership position in the online trading space.”

The eToro platform offers a number of services that utilizes the social aspect of its platform to optimize trading for its users. The CopyTrader feature gives users the ability to automatically trade in the same proportions of cryptocurrencies as the portfolio of another user. By giving users access to an experience trader’s portfolios, eToro provides users opportunities to learn by doing with less risks attached. The CopyPortfolios feature gives users access to bundles of assets put together with specific trading strategies approved by eToro’s own analysts. Three CopyPortfolios will be available to traders at the launch of this platform. As more asset classes are added to the platform, eToro will begin to offer other CopyPortfolios.

eToro’s wallet is highly-secure, multi-signature and supports multiple coins while still staying user-friendly. The eToro wallet will initially be able to support BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, and XLM, with more altcoins to come in the future. This wallet is easily accessible from the eToro platform, giving users the ability to easily transfer coins into their wallets. They can make conversions between coins within their wallet instantly, as well as make secure cryptocurrency transactions through a QR code or using their wallet address.

eToro U.S. Managing Director Guy Hirsch said, “eToro will play a lead role in transforming the financial services industry. We’re doing that successfully on a global scale and we are thrilled to finally be able to bring our offering to the U.S. audience.”

eToro has been an innovator and leader in the fintech and blockchain spaces for more than a decade. With the belief that all assets will be tokenized in the future, eToro is focusing on creating impact globally in the finance industry. Its own cryptoassets exchange, eToroX will be launched globally later this year. eToro believes that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the finance industry and that the biggest changes in wealth will be through blockchain technology.

About eToro U.S.

eToro is the world’s leading collaborative trading platform that boasts more than 10 million registered users who have differing levels of expertise. By sharing their insights, real portfolios and track records, users play an active role in creating the eToro experience. eToro is transforming the traditional money management industry by giving users the ability to mirror the trading strategy of experienced traders in its community, as well as be copied and earn additional income. Users can also use the virtual portfolio feature to practice and test strategies before trading with real money.

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