Endor to Democratize Access to AI and Data Science with Predictions Protocol

endor protocol

Endor is excited to launch the Endor Protocol, which will help businesses and individuals generate accurate business predictions using AI through the analysis of large data sets. This technology is a product of years of utilizing MIT’s Social Physics technology to develop a predictive analytics platform.

The Endor Protocol was founded by MIT researchers Prof. Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler with the goal of bringing AI-powered predictions to a wider range of users. Traditionally, effective AI-powered prediction platforms and data were only available to large, established corporations who had the resources to invest in building dedicated data science teams who could create predictive models with big data processing power. This new platform from Endor provides instantaneous predictions that can show patterns in customer behavior, data that can be leveraged to support a variety of use cases in any industry.

CEO and Co-founder Dr. Yaniv Altshuler commented on this launch:

“We are extremely excited to officially launch the first version of the Endor Protocol.  Our vision from the company’s inception was to enable anyone, regardless of size and budget, to benefit from advanced AI and predictive analytics at an affordable price. Bringing our vision to life is a huge milestone and I’m proud of our team reaching this goal even earlier than expected. We now invite data owners to apply for potential data partnerships and join us in the AI revolution.”

Endor’s proprietary Social Physics technology is also unique in its ability to compute using encrypted data streams, meaning that businesses can generate predictions without compromising on user privacy.

Dr. Stuart Habercryptographer, and Blockchain co-inventor,  and a part of Endor’s scientific advisory board said:

“Recent data security and safety breaches have become huge barriers for companies to use their own data efficiently. The surprising power of Endor’s proprietary Social Physics based prediction engine is the high quality of its predictions, even when the underlying data elements are encrypted.  Now you can generate accurate business predictions while keeping your data safe.”

During the Endor Protocol’s launch, the data available will include raw ERC-20 and Ethereum blockchain data, which can be unlocked by using the EDR utility token. Endor hopes to add select data partners into their ecosystem in the future, after a full, rigorous review by the Endor team to ensure that only the best types of data are used.

Charles HoskinsonCardano CEO and Endor advisor, added: 

Endor’s platform makes AI-powered business predictions scalable and accessible to the masses. This is an important step towards democratizing access to AI and Data Science, as such advanced technologies were previously available only to large companies with deep pockets.”

About Endor:

Endor is an automated predictions engine that hopes to empower businesses in making informed business decisions through providing fast and accurate analytics. Through leveraging blockchain technology and Endor’s proprietary Social Physics technology, the company is developing a platform that can analyze big data using AI that can provide insight into customer behavior with accuracy and speed. Additionally, Endor’s platform can process encrypted data, ensuring that the platform is GDPR compliant and can guarantee the security of sensitive data.

Founded by MIT researchers in 2014, Endor has already been used by leading banks, retailers and Fortune 500 companies like Coca-Cola and Mastercard. For more information on Endor, visit https://www.endor.com/.


Image source: Endor