Deribit Launches Ethereum Derivatives: Options, Futures and Deribit Perpetual


Deribit, the leading Dutch bitcoin futures and options exchange is now listing Ethereum. Known as the first true Bitcoin options exchange in Europe, Deribit is now allowing its users to trade Ethereum derivatives as well.

“The volume on our Bitcoin options has been growing tremendously for the last couple of months. Many customers and OTC desks are eager to see Ethereum options being launched.” said John Jansen, CEO and Founder of Deribit.

While Deribit has been focused on Bitcoin offerings, they will be making an upgrade that will provide services for Ethereum products on Wednesday, 13 March 2019.

Increasing Volume of Derivatives Trading

As more financial institutions and traders show interest in cryptocurrency, demand for options has increased for trading and hedging digital assets. Options allow sellers to collect a premium and helps buyers lower their risks in their investments. Deribit has created a truly peer-to-peer market where traders can buy or sell both puts and calls.

New Ethereum Offerings

Deribit’s new Ethereum products will use Ethereum itself as collateral. Giving users who have Ethereum the ability to hedge or trade it without worrying about the BTC/ETH conversion rate makes Deribit unique from competitors. This is appealing to a range of customers from small traders, miners or startups to large holders of Ethereum who would like to hedge without needing to worry about conversions.

Financial Derivatives Ecosystem

Derivatives are useful in creating a healthy financial market through giving hedgers, speculators as well as arbitrageurs a place and market to trade amongst each other. Deribit hopes to provide this type of peer-to-peer platform for the emerging asset class of cryptocurrencies.

To celebrate the launch of these new products, Deribit is offering zero-fee trading on the Ethereum Perpetual and the Future markets. See below for their initial maker/taker fee for the Ethereum products:

Maker fee

Taker fee

Ethereum Perpetual



Ethereum Futures



Ethereum Options



(Deribit reserves the right to change the fee structure in the future)

Interested in trading Bitcoin or Ethereum Options or in the zero fee Perpetual? You can sign up at and enjoy Ethereum futures markets with literally zero fees.

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