Baer Chain’s Officially Launch Million Ecology Project


On April 1, 2019, the Founder and CEO of Baer Chain, Vincent announced the official launch of the Baer Chain Million Ecology Project (MEP) on their website. Baer Chain is a blockchain based distributed gaming ecosystem. According to the CEO, the current Baer Chain community has over 600,000 members, with support within North America, Europe and Asia increasing consistently. In order to keep up with global public beta tasting within the main Baer Chain network, they have launched their Global Million Ecology Project along with their super node campaign in order to support million ecological consensus.

Consensus is essential to maintaining a healthy ecology. Within the blockchain world, ecology is important as it relates to the relationship between participants, which includes decentralized projects, members, users and communities. With a growing network, the Baer Chain ecology has a diverse range of participants and requires a high level of consensus in order to maintain ecological well-being. By achieving mutual understanding and cooperation amongst all members of the network, Baer Chain will be able to support the expansion of its global reach. The Million Ecology Project will continue to support a diverse ecological composition and strong connection between members in order to bring innovation and promote sustainability.

“The ecological prosperity must be based on the diversity of participants”, Vincent commented, “Baer Chain has always attached great importance to the construction of ecology.”

MEP will be dedicated to supporting industry-wide participation through an open plan and will not be exclusive to the blockchain industry. Baer Chain welcomes any participants who can make valuable contributions to the development of its ecosystem, encouraging collaboration for added inspiration.

The Baer Chain global team has already begun laying a solid foundation for Baer Chain’s planned strategic expansion across the globe through conducting comprehensive field visits to other markets. Baer Chain’s global communities have plans to form a team and collaborate in developing Baer Chain’s ecosystem.

To learn more, please visit the official website for more details.


MEP Website

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