​LaneAxis – Adding Immutability and Traceability to Supply Chain


LaneAxis, a 6-year-old SaaS-based freight management company, has positioned itself to lead transportation into this exciting new era. The LaneAxis blockchain platform will set the stage for industry-wide adoption of protocols that allow users to verify shipping transactions and track critical targets throughout the supply chain, and in the process eliminate expensive third-party freight brokers by establishing a global shipper-to-carrier direct network.

The key to building that global logistics community is the development of the LaneAxis Driver Social Network (DSN), which will help establish LaneAxis as a pioneer in the development of standardized supply chain processes on the blockchain. By paying unique attention to drivers’ needs rather than just relying on company-focused systems, the DSN will create a social network effect, resulting in the mass adoption of the platform throughout the industry.

Truckers will utilize the AXIS token to receive discounts on things like food, fuel, and tires, obtain real-time traffic and weather conditions, and enjoy other features designed strictly to benefit drivers. Real-time knowledge of drivers, loads, drop-off and pick up points, all captured on blockchain’s decentralized ledger, will produce industry insights that have previously been unattainable. All of these functions will be powered by the platform’s AXIS token, which will organically increase in value as it gains greater and greater adoption. Having all vested parties utilize the token within the LaneAxis ecosystem will, in turn, generate massive amounts of data and enable GPS-based load matching that can be used on a global scale.

To find out more about LaneAxis visit http://www.laneaxis.io