Zoomers and Millennials: Leading the crypto market all the way!

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Ever since the advent of Bitcoin over a decade ago, the crypto space has progressed substantially. There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies available to the public. Hundreds of blockchain-based startups in the world are working to launch their decentralized infrastructure in various domains such as finance, medical health, supply chain, etc. While millions of users are inclined to the ever-volatile crypto market with a market cap of over 1 trillion dollars, THODEX, a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 and based in Turkey, had revealed that most of the crypto users are very young. THODEX analyzed and shared 2020 data about consumers profiles. 51.4 % of THODEX’s users are young people between the ages of 18-24, belonging to the Z generation. The proportion of THODEX users, who are members of Generation Y, aged between 25-34, are 26.5 %. Generation Y or so-called millennials is the first generation who experienced the shift…

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