What is the future for the new Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra?

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Over the past few years, most of us have at least heard the name “Libra” being mentioned when discussing about the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. Those who buy Bitcoin religiously claim that Facebook is about to make a big move in the space. But how much truth does this statement hold? For all we know, the project is constantly being postponed and bashed by the US government, and has lost most of its fancy supporters. In this article we take a look at the recent developments surrounding Facebook, the Libra Association, and the controversial Libra project. After reading this post you should have a better idea about the path of the promising crypto project. Libra over the past two years For those who don’t know, Libra is Facebook’s attempt to create a digital cryptocurrency that can be used by all of its users en masse. Mark Zuckerberg even announced it…

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