VICTORIA VR: A Blockchain-Based Virtual Reality Platform Launched IEO on DEXFIN Exchange

NullTX Victoria VR 696x379

It is no longer news that virtual reality (VR) is changing the world at a fast pace, thus making it a perfect time for the introduction of VICTORIA VR. This great opportunity is what VICTORIA VR is building upon to connect its users to many influential players partnering with them. The DEXFIN Exchange is one of the crypto exchanges to launch VICTORIA VR, a unique opportunity that is based on photorealistic virtual technology. This brilliant innovation is powered by Oculus, Unreal Engine, Blender, Reality Capture, Motion Capture, Face Capture and their own technology. VICTORIA VR: Shared Virtual Realm to Do Anything The main aim of the VICTORIA VR platform is to connect people across the globe through the metaverse – shared virtual realm, where people can do absolutely anything, go anywhere, create, learn, train, play, shop, hang out with friends, and more. They can visit other realms too, and their…

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