UGPAY Group AG – Bringing Cutting Edge Assets Into The Hands Of Investors

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A rapidly evolving global financial ecosystem opens up investment opportunities in innovative industries and assets that represent new frontiers in many traditional investors minds. Precious metal investment, previously only carried out with physical bullion – can now be conducted through complex financial instruments like gold futures and gold ETFs. Precious metals (along with cryptocurrencies) are also eligible for inclusion in U.S. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Building a diamond synthesis industry portfolio was once a nearly impossible task, accessible to only global citizens with deep pockets. Rising demand from China and India breathed new life into the sector and reinvigorated diamond production as a strategic investment. Opening Up Opportunities To Invest In Dynamic Industries Several companies have emerged offering investors a diverse array of financial consulting and services across capital markets and corporate finance – with a focus on innovative and dynamic investments. Registered in Switzerland and the U.S. Securities and…

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