Travala Expands its Crypto-based Hotel Booking Service by Integrating XLM Payments

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Unlocking real-world use cases for cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets remains one of the more pressing problems. Eleven years since the creation of Bitcoin, this digital form of money is still not used as a cash or card replacement. Travala aims to solve this problem, as they now enabled XLM support to book hotels globally. Stellar Moves Beyond Banking For those who are familiar with Stellar and their native XLM asset, it has become fairly obvious that this is not a traditional cryptocurrency, It is a different type of asset that seems well-suited to disrupt the financial sector as people know it today. Primarily banks, brokers, and other traditional financial service providers can reap the benefit from what Stellar is trying to achieve. Even so, the XLM asset is still traded against most cryptocurrencies, making it of some appeal to companies experimenting in this space. That being said, the average…

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