Traders Expect Bullish Binance Coin Price Trend Following Venus Announcement

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Most cryptocurrency traders have high expectations for BNB. It is widely believed the Binance Coin price will see a massive surge pretty soon. |Justifying that sheer optimism is not as cut-and-dried as one might think. Albeit there is some good news, everything stands or falls based on Bitcoin’s momentum. Right now, the world’s leading cryptocurrency doesn’t offer too much hope just yet. The Binance Coin Price News One recent development can push the value of BNB higher. Earlier today, parent company Binance made an important announcement. The company confirms its new open blockchain project is ready for use. It will go by the name of Venus. Its purpose is to develop and deploy localized stablecoins and digital assets pegged to fiat currencies. Rumors regarding this business venture have circulated for many months. Until today, there was no real indication such a plan would be put in motion in 2019. This…

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