Top Three Implications Mass Adoption does not Guarantee

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Development into and adoption of blockchain technology is growing, and this trend has no signs of stopping. In spite of last year’s price action, more and more institutions and major players are dipping their toes into cryptocurrency. Riddled between criticism and skepticism of the cryptocurrency space, recent news points to strong indicators that the next several years will highlight massive growth in the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. KPMG reported that almost half of the world’s tech leaders plan to implement blockchain in the next three years. CISCO predicted that blockchain will take on US$10 trillion of the world’s wealth by 2027. There are a lot of hypotheses about what this predicted adoption likely entails, but not all will likely hold true. Here are three guarantees that mass adoption can’t ensure. 3. Cryptocurrency will abolish fiat Ideologically, there are many superiorities cryptocurrency carries beyond fiat currencies. However, ideology doesn’t…

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