Tokamak Network Announces Strategic Partnership with Bounce Finance

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Tokamak Network, the market’s leading layer-2 on-demand aggregator has recently announced the commencement of a partnership with Bounce Finance, a decentralized auction protocol providing competitive swap environments that power the future of open finance. Over the last couple of months, the decentralized finance market has seen considerable growth, with billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrencies being locked in smart contracts. DeFi facilitates frictionless finance by providing individuals with collateralized loans and high-yield revenue streams for users looking to earn interest via their digital assets. Facilitating Decentralized Auctions Through Bounce Finance In particular, Bounce Finance was designed to provide DeFi enthusiasts with access to a decentralized auction protocol boasting a competitive swap environment. Via this DeFi platform that’s compatible with both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance’s smart chain, customers are able to engage in OTC trading, initial token offerings and NFT auctions within a singular platform, whilst earning revenue via user-managed…

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