This Digital Wallet Gateway that Removes Boundaries Between Crypto and Fiat

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Digital ecosystems are gradually shaping the world into a global community where trade and services can be settled in a matter of minutes. One particular niche that has advanced this agenda is the payment network infrastructure, especially with the rise of cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin. Today, transacting parties can agree to settle in crypto through payment solutions such as the DAOWallet. This is one the many crypto-to-fiat gateways that has so far proven to be a game changer in removing the barrier between crypto and fiat. With more businesses moving to accept crypto as a means of payment, the B2B ecosystems whose fundamentals are blockchain and crypto tokens are slowly filling their operational niche. DAOWallet for instance, focuses on the burgeoning online gambling market. Interestingly, this is one of the sectors that appears to be highly crypto compatible and has seen a significant integration with digital currency liquidity. Stats indicate…

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