The Future of Ethereum on Layer 2 – Numio Case Study

NulLTX Numio Ethereum Layer Two 696x435

The dawn of decentralized finance has fuelled a rapid growth in Ethereum’s daily transaction volume, with rising sustainability concerns due to the blockchain’s scalability shortcomings and unreasonable transaction fees. While the deployment of Ethereum 2.0 has commenced, it’ll likely take years before the update is fully integrated, causing unnecessary delays in the reshaping of the financial landscape as we know it. Ethereum is currently able to handle no more than 15 transactions per second, a figure that’s downright unacceptable in today’s bull market. Luckily, technical masterminds worldwide have figured appropriate solutions that provide scalability without compromising on security and decentralization. Such is the case with layer 2 solutions, which are technical innovations that scale the network through transaction processing off Ethereum’s main chain. Overview of Layer 2 Benefits dApps that entail significant ongoing transactions are destined to fail if they don’t make use of a layer 2 solution. Moreover, if…

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