The Ethereum Name Service Receives Support From Major Cryptocurrency Wallets

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Ever since the Ethereum Name Service launched, many people wondered if it would ever gain any real traction. Several months down the line it has become apparent that there is plenty of enthusiasm regarding this project. Several dozen wallet providers have signed up for this feature, which goes to show the ENS is poised to make a bigger impact sooner or later. Wallet Providers Like ENS It is uncanny how so many different cryptocurrency wallet service providers decided to join the Ethereum Name Service Initiative all of a sudden. Just a few weeks ago, there were 15 different entities that supported the project’s multi-coin approach. That list includes prominent names such as TrustWallet and Coinbase Wallet, among others. However, that was only the beginning, as the list has now grown to 35 different wallet solutions incorporating ENS in one way or another. Among those 35 service providers are no less…

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